Get to know Mel

Melissa De Vries


Dynamic presenter, host, actor and dancer, Melissa de Vries – Joseph (Mel Jo Pel) is fast becoming one of South Africa’s most recognisable faces. Her love for acting, dance and Entertainment helped create the perfect platform to showcase both local and international talent on her show A Walk with Mel.

In 2014, our host, Mel de Vries was awarded the opportunity to represent South Africa in Las Vegas at Hip Hop International. It was there that she was noticed by one of Hip Hop’s ground-breaking pioneers – Poppin Pete – who invited her to train with him.

While dance provides Melissa with a way to release stress and keep fit, it has also proven to be an integral part of her day-to-day life, motivating and inspiring her to bring people together for a better world and entertainment helped create the perfect platform to showcase both local and international talent.
The Cape Town born innovator, who fell in love with performing and dancing at a very young age has performed both locally and internationally, winning multiple awards and racking up multiple accolades.
After completing her training in 2012, Melissa found that her background in dance and entertainment provided the perfect platform to for her to step into the lime light as a public speaker and MC and have been hosting events such as Hip Hop International, Redbull BC One and Global Dance Supreme to name a few.
A Walk with Mel is a series of interviews in which the audience gets to meet various local and international performers and entertainers weekly on CTV (Cape Town Community TV – DSTV channel 263). Fridays 19:30pm and Repeats Wednesdays 11:30am. The Aim is to uplift our community and to share journeys and touch lives and through it bring togetherness in our communities.
As an actress she is currently playing a teacher Sasha Daniels on the Telenovela Arendsvlei on Kyknet.
She featured in films namely, Bring it on 6, Cindarella if the Shoe fits & Krotoa.
She believes that your gift will make room for you, and with hard work and consistency you can reach your goals and dreams.

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